The Airport

There is probably only one kind of place in the world where people cry whether they arrive or depart: the airport.

But here the departures outnumber the arrivals.

And they happen less and less often, until they fail to turn into future arrivals.

Into hugs.

Or into lumps in the throat.

Into mixed emotions, that can’t be expressed in words.

Arrivals primarily involve kisses.

Hand shakes – to hide the heartaches.

Departures are for new experiences, for studies, or for work.

For a different life.

For a new beginning.

But arrivals are for the loved ones.

The ones who do not need to hold a newspaper or a book in their hands so you can spot them. 

And what a great joy to see them again!

It is as if you have just recovered your lost luggage.

Together with the loved ones and holding your luggage, you feel at home.

Even if you are at the airport.


Igor Guzun

Animated by Corneliu Comendant

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